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by Pastor Paul LeBoutillier

7 Critical Mistakes made by Sincere Christians

Resurrection Day 2022 • The life that is truly life

Faith vs Fear • The Battle for our Hearts and Minds

Our Relationship to the Law

Are the Gifts of the Spirit for Today? (A Calvary Chapel Distinctive)

Sharing Truth in a Post-Christian America

Repairing our broken relationship with God (Psalm 32)

Why we struggle getting close to God (Psalm 131)

Crucified with Christ

Seeing My Life Through God's Eyes (Based on Psalm 73)

Shedding Weight in the New Year (It's not what you think!) 

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Leadership in the New Testament Church (From 1 Timothy 1)

The Biblical Definition of Marriage (Gen 2 and Eph 5)

The Great Apostasy (From 2 Timothy 3)

The Lord's Supper (1 Corinthians 11)

Dealing with Doubt (from Matthew 28)

Confidence While We Wait on the Lord (Psalm 27)

Water Baptism and the Resurrection (from Romans 6)

Living in the Light of Christ's Return (1 Peter 4)

The Prophecies of Palm Sunday

Finishing Well

Listening to the Lord (from John 1)

Our Incomprehensible, Sovereign God (Romans 11)

Benefits of the Cross - Justification

The "I Am" Claims of Christ (from the Gospel of John)

Hardness of Heart, Stubbornness and Pride

God Our Father - (From Psalm 2)

Forgiveness (from Ephesians 4)

Goodness and the Gospel (from Luke 18)

Hearing God from Deuteronomy

Praying the Lord's Prayer

Understanding the Times

Biblical Keys to Staying on Course

Abundant Exceeding Growth

That you may be found worthy

Learning to Walk Again

This Present Darkness • Ephesians 6:12

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