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Returning to your first love Revelation 2: 1-5 • by Pastor Chuck Lind

A journey of faith amidst the promises of God • Pastor Joe Barnett


A Confession of Hope (Hebrews 10) • Pastor Terry McNabb


The Lord's Prayer (Luke 11) • Pastor Chuck Lind


50 Years With Jesus • Pastor Chuck Lind

The Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6) • Pastor Joe Barnett

"Stretch Out Your Hand" (Mark 3: 1-6) • Pastor Bill Holdridge

The Kingdom of God • Tom Velasco

Take and Eat • Tom Velasco

On the Throne of your Heart (Matthew 13 and 6 • Tom Velasco

Lessons from Haggai • Tom Velasco

20 Seconds • Pablo Moreno

Abide • Pastor Mike Hughes

Idolatry • Pastor Joe Barnett

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