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CALVARY CHAPEL ONTARIO began in December of 1990 when Pastor Paul LeBoutillier and his wife determined the Lord was calling them to start a new church in Ontario, Oregon. About 18 months after starting the church, the new fellowship became affiliated with Calvary Chapel — a non-denominational group based out of southern California with a reputation for teaching systematically through the entire Bible — Genesis to Revelation. From those early beginnings, CCO eventually needed to build a new Auditorium that could hold the people who were now coming to hear God's Word each and every week. 

Calvary Chapel Ontario is often mistaken for a Canadian church, obviously due to the name of our Church. But we're located in eastern Oregon and remain closely connected with several other Calvary Chapel fellowships on our side of the state and in western Idaho. With the city of Ontario located right on the Oregon border, about half our members are Oregon residents and the others reside in Idaho.


As a fellowship, we are on our third journey through the entire Bible, taking about 10 years to get from Genesis to Revelation. A few years back we decided to start archiving Pastor Paul's Sunday and Wednesday teachings on YouTube, initially just to give our members a way of catching up on any missed studies. What we didn't expect was that people who were hungry for God's Word outside our own fellowship would find us — that was a complete surprise! But due to a hunger for God's Word, our YouTube channel currently has many thousands of subscribers, and Pastor Paul receives emails every single day from people all over the world who are finding our channel and are excited about studying through the Bible.

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