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Esther • When God works in the Shadows
Esther • When God works in the Shadows

Study Guide

Written by Sue LeBoutillier from Calvary Chapel Ontario (Oregon)

Esther • When God works in the Shadows

  • Esther: This is a five-week Bible study through the Old Testament book of Esther. As we study this short book,  we’ll discover that God has always been working, everywhere, all the time! The Jews in Esther’s day certainly did not perceive God’s work until He was done. And sometimes we don’t perceive God’s work in our own lives until He’s done. But this narrative helps us understand that He was there from the beginning, working through ordinary events and ordinary people to accomplish an extraordinary deliverance. 

    This study would be a good fit for individual study, or to use in a small group setting. The companion audio or video teachings can be found at

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