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2 Samuel • The Reigning King
2 Samuel • The Reigning King
Written by Sue LeBoutillier from Calvary Chapel Ontario (Oregon)

Study Guide will ship on Dec. 30th, 2022.

2 Samuel • The Reigning King

  • 2 Samuel: This is a ten-week, devotional Bible Study through the book of 2 Samuel. The first king of Israel (Saul) died and now David is finally king over God’s people. We quickly find out that no human king will satisfy the heart longing for peace and righteousness. Just like 1 Samuel, this study provides many applications for leaders, so we have continued a section called “Lessons on Leading” each week to help apply Godly principles to our lives. 

    This study would be a good fit for individual study, or to use in a small group setting. The companion audio or video teachings can be found at

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