The Book of JEREMIAH

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Jeremiah 1 ● A life known and called by God

Jeremiah 2 • My people have forgotten Me!

Jeremiah 3 • Return, O Faithless sons

Jeremiah 4-5 • My People Know Me Not

Jeremiah 6-8 • Be warned, O Jerusalem

Jeremiah 9-11 • Let him who boasts, boast that he knows me

Jeremiah 12-15 • Prophecies and conversations with the Lord

Jeremiah 16-17 • The Heart is Deceitful

Jeremiah 18-21 • Opposition mounts, the Babylonians arrive

Where is the rest of the book of Jeremiah??

Pastor Paul is just beginning a new study through Jeremiah and new studies will be available weekly. Meanwhile, the old study of Jeremiah from 2010 can be accessed using the button below.

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