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A six-part series to help Christian couples establish a true biblical foundation for understanding marriage.

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Session One is all about understanding why God created marriage in the first place. You will learn about God's intentions for marriage and understand better what He wants you to get from it.

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Session Two: In this second session of the God's Design for Marriage series, Pastor Paul speaks to both husband and wife about their mutual ministry to one another in marriage. This session focuses on meeting one another's greatest need.

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Session Three: In this session the role of the husband is the focus, as Pastor Paul goes through the Word to outline the man's job to provide and protect.

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Session Four: In this fourth session of the God's Design for Marriage series, Pastor Paul speaks to wives right from the Word about her role in the marriage.

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Session Five: This session in the series God's Design for Marriage focuses on intimacy — something Pastor Paul calls "total intimacy" which is understanding and operating in all the ways God intended a couple to enjoy their marriage.

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Session Six: The final session in the series entitled God's Design for Marriage emphasizes the importance of unity and agreement and how to deal with those times when a couple simply cannot agree.

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