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How will we recognize one another in heaven before we've received our new bodies?

Q: When we die and go to Paradise, I understand we will be without physical bodies until the Lord returns for His Church. My mother just passed and I'm wondering how we will recognize one another before we've received our new bodies.


The reason you're asking this question is because you and I are so accustomed to identifying people and objects using our five senses. When I see someone whom I recognize I conclude that I know them. We assume it will be the same when we're with the Lord. But you need to understand that when you and I shed our physical bodies we will not have less than we do now — we will have much more! More insight, more understanding, and more abilities. Our ability to recognize people will go far beyond anything you know now and will not be determined merely by sight.

Have you ever read the passage where Jesus took Peter, James, and John up onto the mountain where Moses and Elijah appeared and had a conversation with Jesus? (Matthew 17) If you read the passage again you'll see that Peter began speaking about the presence of Elijah and Moses prior to anyone actually telling him who those two men were. How did he know it was Elijah and how did he know it was Moses? There were no photographs back then, and yet he instantly knew who they were and called them by name.

The reason he knew them is that in the presence of the Lord there is knowledge — a knowledge that far transcends anything we have today through intellectual learning or observation through our five physical senses. (Isaiah 11:9)

So, don't worry. When you see your mom again you'll know it's her! :)

God bless!

Pastor Paul

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